How It Works

  • Find a lawyer by Location or Practice Type on the site.
  • You agree that listed lawyers require a scheduled appointment and may or may not require a consultation fee.  Any fees are upon agreement between you and the lawyer and can be discussed at the time of the scheduled appointment for the Video Call or traditional office visit.  You also understand and agree that Video Calls, although private, are new technology and you consent to the Video Call consultation or meeting and waive any confidentiality claims.  Private Video Calls are encrypted and secure.  For more information see
  • Both you and the lawyer are expected to use “reasonable efforts” to keep the Video Call confidential.  You and the lawyer will be expected to not allow or invite anyone else to the Video Call.
  • Contact the lawyer or lawyer’s office from the Lawyer Profile to schedule an appointment for a Video Call consultation and/or meeting.  At the time of scheduling the appointment, you can inquire as to consultation fees, if any.
  • On the date and time of your appointment, you will be contacted by the Lawyer for the Video Call.  Make sure you are “on time” and at your computer ready for the Video Call just as if you were having a traditional office visit.
  • When the lawyer contacts you, answer the Video Call.

How works is simple.  The use of the internet plays a larger role in our lives and offices today than in the past and the technology used to make work is now already commonly used by most everyone.  Here are the key points as to how works:


  1. Find lawyers and attorneys on our site by Location or by Areas of Practice that indicate on their lawyer profile that they handle the type of legal matter you are needing assistance with.
  2. Take some time to look at the social media links the lawyer has on his or her profile such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, and their web site links and gain familiarity with the lawyer.  Steps for setting up social media accounts can be found at the bottom of this page. 
  3. After you feel comfortable with a lawyer’s profile,  contact that lawyer to schedule a convenient time for a consultation.  The lawyers preferred contact information will be on that lawyer’s profile page.
  4. Discuss with the lawyer a convenient time for a consultation and ask whether that lawyer charges a consultation fee.


    Online face to face video legal consultations and meetings.

  5. Ask the lawyer if the consultation at the agreed date and time can be a face to face online video cam consultation meeting.
  6. If the lawyer agrees to an online meeting, he or she might suggest the meeting be in the form of a Google+ Hangout or other form of online video conferencing method.  Google+ Hangouts are online face to face meetings and are safe, secure, and encrypted when done properly.  Click here to view a How To video on Confidentiality of Google+ Hangouts
  7. The lawyer will then confirm the scheduled online video meeting with you using either email confirmation or possibly a Google+ Event confirmation or some other method.
  8. IMPORTANT – If you and the lawyer are having an online meeting using a Google+ Hangout, both you and the lawyer must have at least a Google Gmail Account.  The steps to setting up a Google Account can be found on this site if you do not already have one.  Click here to view a How To video on Google+ Events.  
  9. Once the online face to face video cam legal consultation has been set for a designated date and time, you will have several ways to go to that Google+ Hangout.  You may receive an Event notice created by the lawyer, a Google calendar (if you have Google+ calendar) notice, or possibly just an email notice.
  10. On the date and time of your meeting, simply click Join the Hangout and you and the lawyer are having an online face to face legal video consultation that has saved you both the time and the inconvenience of a traditional office meeting.
Lawyers and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for lawyers to market their law office and social media to find a lawyer for legal matters.

Below are some valuable links to assist you in learning how works.  Some links are to a page with detailed steps and some have very informative videos that show in detail how it works.



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