Google+ Video Calls – Hangouts – Basics

Google Plus Video Calls a/k/a Hangouts can be used for face to face online legal consultations and meetings with lawyers and attorneys.

  • What are hangouts?  Hangouts can be a secure, private one on one video chat with a lawyer, attorney, or any other person.
  • There are two (2) main types of hangouts.  Regular and Hangouts on Air (HOA).   Regular hangouts are private and only those invited can view them.  Hangouts on Air are automatically recorded on YouTube and broadcast.  Regular hangouts are recommended for lawyer and client meetings.
  • To start using hangouts, a Gmail Account is needed for each person using the hangout.  Gmail accounts are free and many people already have one.

Online face to face video legal meetings and consultations can be done easily through the use of Google+ Hangouts.  Google + Hangouts are a free service provided to everyone that has a Gmail Account with Google.

Learn about the features of Google+ hangouts from the Google website.

The following video is for an overview of the BASICS OF Google+ Hangouts.