The Culture

The Modern Culture of Law is using the internet and social media such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for finding lawyers and using face to face online video cams for meetings with lawyer.  Current technology has made finding and working with lawyers more open, informative, and efficient which benefits the client and the lawyer.  These modern methods of finding and communicating with lawyers has opened the lawyer-client experience made it more personal and interactive.

When looking to find a lawyer online and through social media it would be helpful to you to have an understanding of the culture of lawyers and attorneys.

Lawyers are real people just like you.  Lawyers have a personal life, want to provide for their families, and want to be reasonably paid for their talents and hard work.  Most lawyers are ethical, hardworking people that want to achieve positive results for whatever legal matter you bring them to help you with.


Lawyers and Clients Working as a Team

Our culture, sometimes in jest, has painted a picture of lawyers that is less than favorable giving the impression that lawyers are primarily concerned about money and nothing more.  This is a very unfair and inaccurate portrayal of lawyers.  Lawyers want to provide the best possible results for their clients.  Clients provide the facts of their legal matters to the lawyer and it is the lawyer’s mission to take those facts and apply them to the law to get the best possible results they can for the client.

Most lawyers want to work with their clients as a team and want to feel like they are seeking the same result and are on the same side.  Lawyers do not like to feel they need to be constantly protecting themselves from the client that they are trying to help.  Why would lawyers feel the need to be trying to protect themselves.  This is most likely due to the perception of lawyers that they hear in our culture mentioned above and the paranoia it gives to lawyers.  Another reason is to keep you informed but also clear communication of what is happening in your legal matter so as time passes there will be no misunderstandings later.  At times people remember events differently when the results they were hoping for did not occur.

When you hire a lawyer, it is important to remember that the facts of your matter are your facts and the lawyer usually did not create them.  You should have detailed conversations with your lawyer about what you would consider the most favorable outcome (“the Utopia”) of your matter to make sure your facts and the existing law can make your Utopia a reality.  If the facts and the existing law will not support your Utopia, you should know this up front and you and your lawyer should openly discuss what the most realistic favorable result in your matter would look like.  When you are looking to find a lawyer and have a consultation, you should be ready to have an open discussion about these matters.  Open communication with your lawyer could be very helpful to you in building your relationship with the lawyer during your matter and give both you and the lawyer the feeling you are working together as a team.

The primary goal should be for you and your lawyer to work as a team in your legal matter and discuss these matters openly.

You will notice that from the start of your legal matter lawyers are implementing their knowledge of legal ethics.  The following are some of the ethical considerations you may encounter when finding a lawyer:

1.   Before a lawyer will talk to you about your matter he or she will need to make sure representing you will not be a conflict of interest.

2.   Lawyers are always going to use their best efforts to keep your legal matter confidential.  This is important to understand and discuss with your lawyer when you both agree how you are going to communicate.  Electronic communications of every kind such as emails, social media, and online video meetings should be discussed in detail and both of you should agree and consent to the methods you will use to communicate.

Lawyers are constantly abiding by the rules of ethics of their bar associations and their State.  You need to understand when seeking to hire a lawyer what this means.  Lawyers spend a large amount of their time each year learning the ethical considerations in how to effectively represent their clients.   There are many ethical rules a lawyer must learn and they sometimes change.  Why is this important to you?   It is important because now we live in a world of communicating with social media and face to face video legal consultations and meetings.  Both you and your lawyer should be cautious when using social media not to disclose confidential information about your case.  You should know up front when using social media a lawyer may not be able to respond to you when he or she feels the subject matter may disclose too much confidential information.  When using face to face online video chat, you and the lawyer may want to discuss the privacy issues.  Although Google+ hangouts are encrypted and safe and secure on Google’s servers, the lawyer may want you to consent before using online video consultations in your matter and establish certain protocols for the meeting.

The primary goal should be for you and your lawyer to work as a team in your legal matter and discuss these matters openly.