LawyerCams.com encourages lawyer and persons seeking to find lawyers to use new and modern technology such as live online face to face video calls for legal meetings and consultations and social media to learn more about the lawyer they are searching to find.  As such, we have anticipated some frequently asked questions (FAQ) that those seeking to find lawyers and lawyers listing their law office or law firm with LawyerCams.com on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions – Finding a Lawyer on LawyerCams.com

Q:  Are the lawyers and attorneys listed on LawyerCams.com  offering free online video cam consultations and/or  free online legal advice?

No.  LawyerCams.com does not have any input or information on what the lawyers listed charge for their services at all.  Each lawyer has their own procedure for legal fees and how and if they will be charged.  Some lawyers may agree to free online video consultations and some will charge a fee for these online consultations.  This is strictly up to each lawyer and the fee information will be provided by the lawyer after he or she is contacted by the person searching for a lawyer.

Q:  Do all the lawyers and attorneys listed on LawyerCams.com offer online video legal consultations and online cams and chat?

The lawyers listed are actively using Video Calls, with an appointment, or are pursuing adding online video calls for legal meetings and consultations to their traditional law office practice.  We understand this is new technology and everyone had a different comfort level.  The lawyers listed on LawyerCams.com offer online Video Calls at their convenience and comfort level depending on their comfort level and protocols of their particular practice.

Q:  Do the lawyers listed work for LawyerCams? 

No.  The lawyers on LawyerCams.com have no affiliation with LawyerCams.com other than they have paid a modest fee to be listed on the web site.  Lawyers listed on our site are totally independent of LawyerCams.com and the content in each lawyer profile is provided to us by the lawyer.

Q:  Does LawyerCams.com make recommendations of one lawyer over another lawyer for any particular matter?

No.  You need to select the lawyer or lawyers you desire to contact on your own based upon your independent review of the lawyer’s profile.  The lawyer profiles in LawyerCams.com automatically rotate and we make no specific recommendation of any lawyer over another.  A lawyer on top of a list will most rotate to a different spot the next time you visit the site.

Lawyers and Attorneys Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Must I have social network accounts and agree to online video conferences to have a profile?

No.  Many lawyers are only recently becoming familiar with social media marketing.  Also, the ability to have secure online legal video calls for meetings, consultations, and conferences that are easily accessible to the clients and potential clients is also very new.  LawyerCams will list your profile without social media as long as you have the ability to have a Video Call and/or actively pursuing adding Video Calls to your traditional office practice, with an appointment of course.  Remember, this is a “boutique” site to help you market your practice because you have differentiated yourself from other lawyers by offering Video Calls.  This web site provides a wealth of information to assist you setting up social media marketing profiles and help with online video consultations.

Q:  Does LawyerCams.com want me to provide free consultations and give free legal advice to potential clients that contact me through the site?

Absolutely not!  Although it is free for potential clients to use the LawyerCams.com site to find a lawyer, we make it clear that the fee to be charged for lawyer consultations is strictly at the discretion of each lawyer to fit his or her particular law practice and the potential client should contact the lawyer to inquire as to fees.

Q:  Do I need to sit by my computer and be “on call” for a video consultation?

No.  LawyerCams makes it clear on the site to potential clients that they need to contact the lawyer and set an appointment for a video consultation or video conference just as lawyers have always done in the past when scheduling an appointment in their physical office.  The online video consultations, conferences, or chat are simply an add on benefit the lawyers with listings on the LawyerCams.com site are offering to potential and existing clients.

Q:  Are Google+ Video Calls and Hangouts secure?

Yes.  LawyerCams founder specifically asked the Google Hangouts manager this question and received this response: Hangouts keeps your information safe and secure by encrypting all of your communication, including audio and video media streams, from your machine to Google’s servers. This helps protect your Google+ Hangout conversations from being accessed by third parties.”  For more information, review our page Secure Video Calls with Google+ Hangouts.

Q:  What makes LawyerCams different than every other company trying to sell me marketing and/or a listing?

There are many differences including but not limited to the following:

1) LawyerCams is founded, owned and operated by a solo lawyer and entrepreneur that keeps up with technology and has been dealing with the issues on how to market a law practice for over 26 years.  LawyerCams owner is familiar with and has participated in many other online and paper forms of marketing and dealt with “balance” between time and expense of trying to market a law practice.

2)  No pressure sales!

3)  LawyerCams mission is to provide a low cost listing “profile” for lawyers to market their law practice by listing the lawyers Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, and firm web site all in one profile so potential clients can find a lawyer they are comfortable can handle their legal matter.   The LawyerCams profile for lawyers also lists whether the lawyer is available, by a scheduled appointment, to have online private and secure video consultations with potential or existing clients.

4)  LawyerCams offers information on how to use current, existing, free technology to allow a lawyer and a potential client or existing client the ability to have live video cam/chat consultations and conferencing online without the need of a physical office visit.  LawyerCams does not host these online video conferences on its site because it is not necessary since Google+ hangouts and Apple Facetime are readily available to everyone and secured by the Google and Apple servers.

5)  LawyerCams suggests that lawyers should offer their clients the ability to have online video cam/chat consultations and conferencing as an “add on” service to their current law office environment.  However, LawyerCams understands that not all lawyers are ready or comfortable to have online video consultations and this is not a requirement for a listing on the LawyerCams site.

6)  LawyerCams does not do “pressure” sales to convince you to market your practice.  LawyerCams founder does not like pressure sales and therefore you will not get that from LawyerCams.  We believe a listing on LawyerCams and the information on the site speaks for itself.  We know lawyers are smart enough to decide for themselves after doing a “cost/benefit” analysis the value of a LawyerCams listing.

7) LawyerCams knows that each lawyer is at a different stage in their understanding of “Social Media Marketing”.  This is why we have taken the time to provide free detailed information on the site to help explain this new method of marketing your law practice.  Social media is the present and the future of marketing and growing exponentially.  However, LawyerCams believes each lawyer can start a social media marketing campaign without needing an “expert” with the knowledge on our site.

8)  We offer the solutions that have evolved in our current modern technology world that you can use today at a very low cost and believe that it sells itself.  LawyerCams wants to have you list your law office profile at a low cost and take advantage of the knowledge and connections to social media we offer.

9)  LawyerCams does not promote “free legal consultations” as a part of a listing on LawyerCams.  Instead, we let each lawyer decide this issue in their profile or after a potential client makes contact.

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