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You can find a lawyer by State and Practice Type that use modern technology including online video calls for consultations and meetings to better represent clients with legal matters. Lawyer and attorneys with links to social media and law office web sites will assist you in finding a lawyer to suit your needs. Locate and find lawyers and attorneys that have online face to face legal consultations and meetings using live video calls and hangouts to save time for you in discussing your legal matter.

Finding the right lawyer and/or attorney for your legal matter or issue is an important decision and not always easy to do.

Many of us, even lawyers themselves, need to find a lawyer for a specific legal problem now and again and it is not always that easy to do. We believe the more information you can have about a lawyer and the more lawyers you can look at and compare is important.

What are some good ideas to consider when looking to find a lawyer?shutterstock_116681953

Before the internet we would ask friends, relatives, or co-workers for a referral to a lawyer. The problem there is just because someone you know used a lawyer in the past, this does not mean that lawyer can handle the legal matter you are facing.

Another pre-internet method would be to look in the phone directory pages or maybe call someone from a billboard sign.

After the internet came around and lawyers began to develop law office web sites, searching for a lawyer online became a popular method locating a lawyer.


Today social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are available. Some of the advantages and benefits of using social media for finding lawyers are:

  • Lawyers and Attorneys are rapidly using social media and establishing law office and law firm pages so potential clients can get up to date information on the lawyers area of practice.
  • Lawyers have friends and connections and are regular people. You can gather a real feel for the lawyer by looking at the social media profiles and reviewing the posts and areas of interest.
  • Lawyers usually have connections with other lawyers that can be found on social media pages. This is important because if a particular lawyer you find is unable to handle your matter, it is good to know he or she has other lawyers they can refer you to that they have familiarity with.
  • We feel there is a certain level of trust that one can feel knowing a lawyer is confident enough in their law practice to use social media. Social media is live and posts occur daily if not hourly. Lawyers that use social media are easy to find and are usually customer service oriented.
  • offers lawyers on this site to list all of their social media platforms, blog, and web site all in one convenient profile to make it easy for you to learn all you need to know about who the lawyer is as a person, discover the lawyers likes and interests, and get a good feel about the lawyers areas of practice and the major areas of law in which they focus.
  • For more tips go to our page How to Find and Hire a Lawyer

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